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Offering world-class range of services like Big Data Analytic Service, Artificial Intelligence Service, Smart Grid Block Chain Service, and many more at reasonable rates.

About Us

We, Sansoft IT Consulting Services Private Limited, laid the foundation stone of the firm in the year 2018, after thorough research and analysis of service industry and is aimed at helping the customer with their requirements. We laid stringent policies to ensure the proper working of every department with excellence. Since the day we came into existence, our performance has astonished the industry, and many have started following the best practices of business policies.  We are one of the leading service providers of Smart Grid Blockchain Service, Artificial Intelligence Service, Big Data Analytic Service, etc. We gathered great talents from different fields to form an unbeatable team which can handle all the challenges while completing the task in minimum time period. We are equipped with ultra-modern gadgets and the latest technology to serve our clients with ease within defined deadlines. We are known for providing the best customer experience and feel proud to announce that our clientele has multiplied manifolds. We are committed to serving the industry with improvised functionalities in the future.

Quality at the Best

Our company has laid protocols to ensure that every aspect is being controlled by the centralized quality control team. Our team is well versed with the industry norms and complies with the industry standards. Our organization includes technical advanced analytical equipment to identify the flaws in the service flow, thereafter fixing it without impacting the service level agreements.  We are committed to providing services which can provide complete satisfaction to our valued customers. Since the day we have commenced our business we have been appreciated for maintaining the same standard of excellence. Below are some of the aspects we follow:

  • Regular up-training to maintain the skill sets.
  • Ongoing research work keeps us ahead of the rest in the industry
  • Quality checks at regular intervals of time.
  • Hierarchy designed to curb latency.

About Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence means the practice of making machines and instruments that functions on the grounds of intelligence whereas blockchain is like a filling system where one can store all the digital information in an encrypted and distributed ledger format. The main motive of artificial intelligence is to create computer systems that are in the position to perform several tasks using human intelligence. On the other hand, blockchain was developed to serve as a distributed ledger for saving applications and transactions. There are several benefits of combining these two technologies which include:

Blockchain simplifies AI made Decisions

The decisions taken by AI can be tough to understand for humans because AI has the capacity of assessing large no. of variables independently of one another. AI is just perfect to be used during the process of decision making in financial transactions and analyze whether these transactions are fraud and there is a need of investigation. Sometimes, human interference is important to check the decisions as the data is processed on large scale which is a complex procedure. Blockchain just simplify the auditing of the decisions with the trust that the records are error free.

AI and Encryption Work Very Well Together

Blockchain means safety because the data collected through it is highly secure due to cryptography in the filling system. It is right to say that blockchain is the most secure technology to store extremely sensitive personal and confidential data which can be unlocked by the users if processed smartly.

AI is do addition in the security. In this emerging field, AI is working on building such algorithms that can properly work with the data which is encrypted. This will reduce the incidents where the unencrypted data is exposed by making it much safer.

AI’s Efficient Approach to Managing Blockchain

Computers are excellent when it comes to execute the tasks but they need instructions on how to perform the same. Due to this encrypted nature of the computers they need processing power. Hashing is one such algorithm under which mine bitcoin uses a brute force approach by trying all the possible combinations of characters until the most appropriate will get to verify the transactions.

Whereas AI simply eliminates the brute force approach and capable in managing the tasks more intelligently. Just like human beings, AI learn things and machine learning-powered mining algorithm handles such situations in the most efficient way. It takes lifetime to learn new things but AI learn instantly if the correct training data is stored in the computer systems.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Helpful in fighting against land frauds- Blockchain is one of the most effective technologies in sealing land deals all over the world. This technology is used in Andhra Pradesh and blockchain technology park was formed in Vishakhapatnam, India.
  • Banking sector and audits- Banks are consistently using blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies to increase the efficiency of banking systems. AI helps in the continuous audits of financial statements which reduces the overall risk and gives high level of assurance. Debit and credit payment based financial organizations make use of blockchain based API's to check the authenticity of payments.
  • Travel and Hospitality- Client satisfaction is the top most priority in travelling and hospitality sectors. Therefore, with the help of big data analytics the companies can measure customer's ratings in a timely manner. It provide companies with the authority and capability to gather customer data, determine potential issues if any and bring better results instantly.
  • Healthcare Sector- Big data analytics simplify both the structured as well as unstructured data related to health plans, patient records, etc. in the healthcare sector. The collected data proves helpful for providing immediate diagnoses and treatments to the patients. Artificial intelligence is also ready to assist the doctors. There are more than 800 medicines that are prescribed for the treatment of Cancer. Currently, Microsoft is working on the machine known as “Hanover” which have the ability to memorize all the documents and cure the patients individually. Blockchain technology is promoting greater transparency  in the pharmaceutical sector by allotting a specific serial number to every single medicine.
  • Video Games- Artificial intelligence is used for generating purposeful behaviour in non-playing characters.
Moreover, whatever the field is from public sector to government sector, these two emerging technologies are making high level of impacts. In the upcoming years, Artificial Intelligence is going to be the the big player in the world economies. 

Our Team

We know the importance of having experienced team in an enterprise that is why, we conduct various levels of interview before hiring any candidate in our firm. As, we have best team of specialists in our organization, we are able to work as per industrial norms in a systematic and smooth manner. Every team member of our team is prolific enough to work in accordance with the guidelines of the company. Also, we keep on training them timely, so that their technological knowledge will never go outdated and they can offer the best services for Artificial Intelligence Service, Smart Grid Blockchain Service, Big Data Analytic Service, to esteemed customers.

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